The Barberettes on Retreat!

By Natasha Wozniak, Lead

Saturday fun!

So it’s that time again – time for our Barberettes Retreat Weekend. I have been looking forward to this for a long time! We arrived at the UKSA Sailing Academy on the Isle of Wight safe and sound after a wonderful train journey from Reading, a short ride on the Red Jet and a 10 minute walk up a hill. Our lovely bunk beds were waiting for us and a house full of gin and tonic and cocktails at the bar which ended up being filled with two rounds of quizzes followed by much singing and laughter – Barberettes style!! 

Natasha having a blast!

Saturday morning, after a lovely glimpse of the sea view, we headed over to the Lister room to be put work by our section leaders and MD. We started the morning with a physical warm-up by Marcia’s (Bass Section Leader and Barbs Chair) motivator which was very rhythmic and got our hearts racing! Claire (Lead Section Leader) and Emma (our lovely MD) took us through our paces with some vocal techniques to keep us all in tune! Then we started working on our new Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know”.

A bit of a wibble-wobble!

In the afternoon we dressed up in our wetsuit gear wearing either white or blue helmets! I had unfortunately discovered that I had accidentally worn my wetsuit inside out and back to front – not a good idea! So back I went to change before bracing myself to take on the temperature of the waters! The instructor started by getting us all to sing ‘Head shoulders knees and toes’ to help get us used to the very cold water that was about to hit us!! We had lots of fun and merriment when we started singing on recently learnt Repertoire song “You Can’t Stop The Beat’ in a circle!! This was then followed by kayak racing and even more singing (of course!) which was the highlight of the day before doing so-called warrior yoga poses and singing our repertoire with moves on our paddling boards!!! Tightrope was a challenge too … trying not to lose my balance when I wobbled on the tightrope whilst everyone in my group was singing ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) by the Proclaimers!

I love our retreats because you get to know each other more, we all take time out from our busy schedules to learn new songs, revise our vocal techniques and have a blast! Most of all we are all blessed to have each other as a group. No matter what happens we are there for each other. We are a strong support network of ladies, and together we will continue to rule the world!

I would like to thank my fellow Lead Teresa for allowing me to use her pics for the blog.

Off we go into the cold water!