Joining The Barberettes

By Laura Loft, Lead

I’ve never been one for stepping out of my comfort zone, I get easily embarrassed and putting myself out there can be a struggle. However, music is my passion.

Having my mum in The Barberettes was the push I needed to make me cross that ‘comfort zone line’ to visit The Barbs for the first time on the 12th September 2018. I attended the St John’s Ambulance Hall and was greeted by a number of lovely ladies socialising before getting down to singing. That evening we sang a number of different songs – I was helped massively by Claire, the Lead section leader, to get to grasps with words, notes and moves – and when I left that evening, I’d had a lovely time.

Fast forward a week and I was back again singing and boogieing on a Wednesday night, learning new songs and generally having a good time. On this particular Wednesday, I was told that I would need to audition over the next couple of weeks and provided with sheet music and teach tracks for one of the songs – Aquarius. I spent my weekly commutes down the M25 singing the song, preparing for my audition.

Two weeks later, the time had come. Nerves were running high, but it was audition time. I was taken out of the main rehearsal room with the heads of each section – the Leads, the Baritones, the Basses and the Tenors. Claire came to sing with me and ensure I was happy and even started the song with me. Emma, the choir director conducted my audition and everyone was very supportive. So, I sang Aquarius and…..


I’m extremely happy I took the plunge to attend the rehearsal on the 12th September and would recommend The Barberettes to anyone thinking of joining a choir.

Here I am now, 5 weeks down the line, a fully fledged member of The Barberettes. Presented with a certificate for my achievement, I look forward to all the fun there is to come.