Finally back to face to face singing – albeit with a mask!

The Barbs enjoying their fourth week back together. Please come and join us!

By Linda Baugh, Baritone

Barbs warming up Zoom style!

No one could have foreseen how much life was going to change from March 2020 and the impact Covid would have on all our lives from wearing masks, queueing at supermarkets, working from home instead of going into the office daily, cancelled holidays and not being able to see family and friends for many months. One of the hardest restrictions I found was not being able to sing each week with the Barberettes in person.


Week 1 – Barbs together again since a brief get together in October 2020

So imagine my excitement when the government announced we could meet together in a group of 30 outside. So arrangements were made to meet in a local park on our usual rehearsal night, unfortunately the weather in May had different ideas so we had to postpone that evening and resume back to meeting on zoom.

For our first week back together the weather was much kinder, well at least it was dry but still cold so there we were gathered together, socially distanced sitting on our own chairs with coats on in the middle of a local park. All I can say is that the youngsters on the skate park must have wondered who were these ‘strange’ ladies who put masks on their faces and then started to sing. We were all very tentative on how this was going to work when we had not seen each other in person in some instances for over a year.  It was great to see chorus members had suddenly grown their legs back after just seeing their heads for the last 12 months on zoom !!

Week 2

The 2nd week felt much better not only as the weather was much warmer but you could feel friendships were beginning to resume where they had left off in March 2020 and the banter was beginning to return. We sat away from the skate park this week.

Week 3 – more people and a new venue to call home

3rd week – as a chorus we had been looking for a new home to rehearse on a permanent basis so thanks to members of the committee we could now rehearse in the gardens of a local church. To be honest this was such a relief as we had now the use of a toilet. The previous 2 weeks sitting in a local park with no toilets did give some us training in bladder control !!  Again we brought our own chairs, sat socially apart and with singing masks at the ready you could feel we all felt so much more relaxed than singing in the park.

Week 4 – ladies back to chit chatting and singing together

4th week – back at the local church which is now going to be our new permanent home with the sun shining – the Barberettes were back with a renewed positivity as we begin to rebuild after the lockdown experience.

5th week – we are expecting some new ladies to come along and join us.

So here’s to the weeks, months ahead as we increase our stamina and vocals and become stronger as a chorus.