Entertaining shoppers at The Oracle

By Marjorie McDonald, Bass

Our second visit to the Oracle this season was outside Debenhams and saw us dressed in our new seasonal sparkly outfits which were bought from local stores Debenhams (red boots), Next (red tops) & New Look (silver glittery skirts).

We made a great sound which was probably heard throughout the mall as the acoustics were great, so helped the sound carry and meant that people heard us without having to stop and stand, although many did. Our song list this time included ‘Carol of the Bells’, ‘Crazy little thing called love’ and ‘Rockin’ around the Xmas tree’ which was such a crowd pleaser that we ended up singing it three times.

Just like our last visit to the Oracle earlier in December we were raising money for Launchpad, a Reading charity for the homeless, and were pleased to noticed ‘silent’ (or folding) money being added to the buckets from passers by.

Several of us noticed that a member of Debenhams staff was singing along with us, even the lesser known ones and when we had finished she gave us all a sample to say thank you and seemed interested in coming to visit us on a club night – maybe we have recruited a new member!

Some of the Barbs enjoying a well earned drinks and buffet at Browns

We ended the evening with a bit of a get together at Browns where an excellent buffet was enjoyed by those who stayed, together with a glass of wine or three.

We now have one more Christmas singout to go before we break for Christmas and will be singing near the Xmas tree at the Lexicon in Bracknell on Sunday 22nd around 11am.  This will be our only open air singout of the season and I feel sure this will just as enjoyable (to both us and the listeners) as all the rest – let’s just hope the weather brightens up.