Barbs Open Evenings – Wednesdays 13th and 20th February

Our visitors get to join us on our risers to see what we get up to. Here the ladies are going through one of our warm ups.

The Barbs decided to open two of their evenings to ladies who might be interested in joining our ranks. Having placed posters on Facebook we were very happy to see them on 13th and 20th February. 

After being warmly greeted by Emma Lelliot and Jo Poulter – our MD and PRO – the  ladies were invited to join the Barbs on the risers to go through some warm up exercises for our voices and bodies ahead of all the songs and movies we would be working on during a normal singing evening.

Loraine Woodward, Barbs Choreographer Extraordinaire, and Emma Lelliot, our MD, helping the chorus (and visitors) iron out any choreography issues

During our warm ups the ladies were introduced with the four parts that make up our singing – Basses, Baritones, Leads and Tenors – and were invited to move around the parts to see what part they thought would best suit their vocal range. Emma explained how each part plays an important part in making a piece of music.

Once the warm ups were completed Emma worked the group on two of our current repertoire songs ‘Aquarius’ and ‘Motown’ which included the parts separating and focusing on getting individual notes and any concerns ironed out before the parts all came back to the risers to work on the songs together. Whilst we didn’t do the complete songs – we wanted to give the visitors an idea of the different types of songs we do – the ladies did an amazing job at learning the songs in such a short period of time. 

Three of our visitors taking a well-earned rest and enjoying listening to the chorus being put through their paces

Our visitors where then invited to take a breather and sit and listened to the chorus working on various songs – some of which included choreographed moves – to see what it takes to keep our songs fresh and ready for our singouts.

After a busy two hour session the ladies joined us for coffee/tea and biscuits and took this opportunity to talk to members of the chorus about their experiences.